"to race bicycles is to drink greedily from a bottomless chalice of agony" Poplak 2011

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Le French innit

"French is perhaps the most glorious sounding language on the planet; I’d love to speak it fluently, but am only conversant at infant-level French. Nevertheless, I offer the following Quick Start Guide. And, always remember Rule #89.

A general expression of surprise:
Qu’esque c’est le fuck avec ├ža?

An acknowledgement of someone’s not inconsiderable skill on the bike:
Pas bad.

You can close down a misunderstanding with a simple phrase like,
C’est la meme chose thing.

Being amenable with a choice,
Je suis OK avec that.

Asking a mate how s/he is doing:
Qu’esque c’est up?

When intimidating your riding mates:
Laisse tomber le hammer.

Finally, when referring to whomever wins Roubaix this year,
Il est une homme bad ass, n’est pas?"